Hi ho hi ho

I’m with 30 guys today… already got my eye on a couple of ’em… no, not like that! šŸ™‚ I have to investigate whether they’re happy or sad and what their deal is… non-judgmentally, of course… Noticed one guy installing pieces of wood in a door frame; he seemed like more of a craftsman than a ‘worker’ so, I asked him if he knew the name of this architectural feature:


He replied, “That stupid thing? No, and it’s a pain in my a**!” Yipes! … took my eye off o’ him…

I am working on an elementary school renovation; it was built in 1920 (!), hence the ‘alcove’-type thing, in which there would usually be a bust or tiny statue. I was hired to help with clean up. First, I wiped down dusty cabinets with a rag and orange oil spray. Then, I got to waddle down the wide hall and remove dirt from the baseboard. You may be thinking, “Surely, that was the pinnacle of her career!”, but no, not quite. The pinnacle occurred when I swept the drive-thru on a McDonald’s remodel. Ha … ha … ha…

By and by, the six of us – whose sole purpose was to erase construction residue – found ourselves in a multi-stall bathroom. For some odd reason, we all came to life in that tiled space: joked and laughed like no tomorrow. Who knew that scrubbing toilets could be so fun?!

The saving grace was the owner, Donna, a gem of a human being. Nothing, unlike the ‘craftsman’, is a pain in any of her parts. When she gets exasperated, i.e., when the floor crew starts waxing before her people are done with all that is above the floor, she just laughs. She and her biz partner / husband, are great bosses and set the tone for the whole day.

I found this on a main thoroughfare on the third floor:


They shore don’t build ’em like they used ta. šŸ™‚

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